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Happy Belly Farms
The Happy Belly Farm Mission

Educating, enriching and fulfilling lives through sustainable and chemical-free farming

Who we are: At Happy Belly Farm, we are committed to Nourishing Bellies in Need through sustainable, chemical-free farming to provide those less fortunate with healthy, whole foods. Our passion to unite families and our community thrives in every crop we harvest. We invite you to join us in our vision to ensure that every belly is a Happy Belly, well-nourished and fulfilled.

Each and every fruit and vegetable that flourishes from Happy Belly Farm is given to a food bank, shelter or community support system in an effort to cultivate a healthy regime for not only those who receive the harvest, but also for the benefactors that are giving their time, hands and donations for a greater good . Our mission is to educate, enrich and fulfill lives—ultimately connecting our communities to join together in a food revolution to end hunger and further educate ourselves in the benefits of healthy living.

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Our Partners

As Denver’s largest hunger relief organization serving families, Metro CareRing depends on the generous contributions of local growers like Happy Belly Farm. Limited access to fresh fruits and vegetables has caused many of our low-income neighbors to rely on cheap, empty calories found at fast-food restaurants and convenience stores.

Donating nearly three-quarters of a ton of fresh produce to Metro CareRing monthly, Happy Belly Farm is helping increase access to nutritious food and helping reverse the correlation between food insecurity and obesity in our community.

Donor Spotlight

Bonnie Plants

Headquartered in Union Springs, Alabama, Bonnie Plants is the largest producer of vegetable and herb plants in North America, with 65 growing stations serving 48 states, locally and regionally, nationwide. Established in 1918 by Bonnie and Livingston Paulk, the company is still family run by the grandson of its founders. Bonnie provides a wide variety of vegetables and herbs in biodegradable, plantable pots saving more than a hundred million plastic pots from landfills each year. Bonnie is committed to providing high quality, vigorous plants to consumers and to green gardening. Bonnie Plants are available at garden retailers across the country. For more information please visit www.bonnieplants.com